About Cathy Stover

Candidate for City Council

Cathy and her husband have lived in Villa Hills for thirty-eight years where they raised three children. She received a BA with an emphasis in Social Studies from Thomas More College and a Masters in Education from NKU. 


She taught junior high at St. Joseph School for nine years before accepting a principal position at St. Clement School in Cincinnati.  In 2009 she returned to St. Joseph School as principal. 

As an administrator, Cathy was responsible for hiring, firing, job performance reviews, developing and negotiating contracts and developing/overseeing budgets of several million dollars. 

Cathy has spoken at several public meetings regarding Ashley Commercial’s proposed Sanctuary development. She does not oppose the proposed Sanctuary development as a whole, but only the apartments and commercial area.  Cathy believes the majority of citizens are in favor of single-family homes, townhomes and cottages but not apartments nor commercial property in the Sanctuary development. 

Cathy pledges to:

  • Put the integrity of the citizens and the city before the financial aspirations of others;
  • Not allow conflicts of interest to interfere with city business;
  • Ensure that city business is conducted according to legal guidelines and to the benefit of the citizens;
  • Seek input from citizens and consider consequences and risks with both sides of an issue;
  • Ensure that the city is administered in a fiscally responsible manner. 

Questions regarding Cathy’s candidacy may be directed to stoverforcouncil@gmail.com