About Heather JansEN

Candidate for Mayor

Heather and her husband have been residents of Villa Hills for over seventeen years. They are raising four children and three dogs.


She graduated from Notre Dame Academy, has a Bachelor of Accountancy from Thomas More College and a Juris Doctorate from Chase College of Law at NKU. 

Heather is President of Highland Cemetery and has been on their Board for more than fifteen years.

She is Executive Director for the Cincinnati Foundation for the Aged and has been active on their Board for nearly twenty years. Heather’s duties include reviewing applications for financial assistance, negotiating contracts with local retirement communities and managing day-to-day business operations.

Her community activities include St. Joseph School Girls’ Volleyball Director and Secretary of the St. Joseph School Athletic Association.

Heather supports fully funding the Police Department and making sure it has the equipment that it needs. She wants to ensure City operations are efficient and transparent. She supports dedicating sufficient resources to advance road repairs and sidewalk initiatives. 

Heather supports development that takes into account the views of a majority of the residents. She pledges to be a voice for the residents and to preserve the historic character of Villa Hills. 

Additional information about Heather can be obtained from Jansenforvh.com