Comments From Supporters

Resident from Tanglewood Ct.

"I am opposed to this because of the traffic. There is no easy way out onto Amsterdam from this huge complex. I may support it if it is only more single family homes, with yards and some green space left." 

Resident from Rosewood Dr.

"I attended the meetings at River Ridge to understand the development plans for the Villa property, and to provide input into best uses for overall improvement to Villa Hills. Without question, the common theme expressed by all VH participants was single-unit housing, and NO apartments. This proposed plan of 187 apartments is wrong for VH, and I do not support this component of the plan."

Resident from Villa Dr.

"I am NOT in favor of the proposed apartment complex. The city main attraction is the beautiful bedroom community as envisioned and maintained since its inception. And change is a betrayal of that and our residents." 

Resident from Vista Ct.

"#1 bedroom community for several reasons,we don't need or can handle this growth,more crime, more traffic, no advantage to such a wonderful community."

Resident from Mary St.

"We need our city council to preserve this communities single family home history. I believe the two factors that have kept our city great is the families that live here are anchored to our city through home ownership and the fact that we've retained our own police force."

Resident from Meadow Wood Dr.

"This is not at all what was discussed at the town meeting. We cannot have that many additional cars on our roads." 

Resident from Amsterdam Rd.

"Already looking for somewhere else to live! I’ve lived here for 16 years, in the peace and quiet of this small town. This development is directly across the street from me and will destroy any serenity from here on out! VH roads cannot handle the traffic we have now, speeding on Amsterdam alone cannot be controlled by police, as it is. The almighty dollar has taken over this administration! Very frustrating and disappointed."

Resident from Collins Rd.

"Apartments in Villa Hills is a very bad idea. You get people who are  more transient and less likely to help improve the community. When we  were helping our son buy his first home just last year, he ruled one  home out simply because there was a apartment complex at the end of the  street and he did not want the headache of having that much more noise  and traffic. In every home he looked at he called and talked with the  local police, the crime rate by the home with the apartment was higher  than the other homes he checked into as I am sure the crime rate will go  up for Villa Hills with the addition of the apartments."

Resident from Valley Trails Dr.

"As a resident of Villa Hills for 44 years I must say that I'm totally  and completely against the building of an apartments in our city. This  is and always has been a community of single family homes. Let's keep it  that way."

Resident from Villa Dr.

"Please think about the future of Villa Hills the reason people want to  live here is it is that it is a bedroom community. If they would build single homes on this property that is fine.To build apartment buildings  will be detrimental to the whole city.The traffic and congestion is bad enough but to build huge apartments will a big step backward for the entire city of Villa Hills.

Resident from Rogers Rd.

"I stand with all other concerned residents of Villa Hills, in opposition of this development. The traffic it is sure to bring will negatively impact our quality of life and the additional population could be reasonably be expected to have an adverse impact on River Ridge School, as well as straining public services such as fire, EMS, and police. I am not totally against development of the property, just the proposed high population density use that is being planned."

Resident from Arrowhead Ct.

"I used to live in a suburb in Cincinnati.  I moved to Kentucky out of college and after spending some time in  apartments around NKY, in 1984 I choose Villa Hills to build my first  home and my husband and I have always said we are never moving out of  our house in Villa Hills.  We love the way Villa Hills has single family  homes throughout the neighborhood and enjoy the peaceful walks we take  on the sidewalks on Amsterdam. We do not want Amsterdam to become a  traffic nightmare or walking past large apartment complexes when we  chose a neighborhood that was always zoned for single family homes.   When I75 gets heavy traffic, we also count on Amsterdam to get us to the  riverfront area. "

Resident from Woodcliff Dr.

"As a resident of the city for 37 years, I am 100% opposed to apartments/rental units being a part of this development or any future development in Villa Hills."

Resident from Valley Trails Dr.

"I am a new resident and one of the attractions to buying here was the single family homes and beautiful nook community. Please keep it this way." 

Resident from Dry Valley Ct.

"My family recently moved to this area from Houston, TX.  We had our  choice of any community in the Northern Kentucky area.  We chose Villa  Hills because it was did not have the congestion that we noticed in many  of the other towns in this area.  Please keep Villa Hills the way it is."

New Resident from Rogers Rd.

"I just moved to Villa Hills not even a year ago. I was drawn to the small town, bedroom community. What I really love about Villa  Hills is that no one should be back in the city besides residents and their  guests. That makes me feel really safe and keeps a lot of traffic off the roads.  Adding ~200 apartments to the city would create a lot of extra traffic between the residents and their guests, and businesses would add even more. My  street is a thru street for many and speeding is already an issue. I worry about the  extra traffic the development would add, especially on my street, and people disregarding the speed limits that are in place for the safety of our residents. I haven’t seen my road listed on any of the traffic studies  which is concerning because it already is a thru street for many. I’m all for  change and open to new ideas, but this is a bad deal for residents of our city. I'm  very concerned for the property value of houses close to this possible  development, including my own home."

Resident from Palomino Dr.

"We purchased our home in 2000 so our children could grow up in a  "bedroom" community.  It was the best decision we ever made.  Our  children thrived here.  I am fine with another subdivision of single  family homes but NOT apartments.  Renters don't care about property values and are unlikely to put down roots here providing any benefit the community. I also have to wonder how many additional children will  have to attend River Ridge and what that does to class size, increased  need for teachers, and resources. Please keep the apartment complex OUT  of Villa Hills."

Resident from Collins Rd.

"Part of the appeal of Villa Hills is the beautiful, quiet of a single  family community. Now they want to build a 187 apartment complex. If you  want to drive out the customer base of home buyers for the Villa Hills  area an apartment complex will do that. You will drive homeowners away  and drive down home cost adding a apartment complex"

Resident from River Vista Ct.

"Part  of making Villa Hills a better community is planned growth.  Villa  Hills residents want the community to grow and thrive; we just want it  to be done in a way that protects our community, our environment and our  quality of life. The land-use plan should have been developed by the  agency in partnership with the Villa Hills residents to offer a  framework for growth in the best interest of our community.

I am extremely concerned with the proposed 85-acre Sanctuary development. The infrastructure of the roads does not  have the capacity to handle a significant increase in traffic.  And,  who is going to pay for the $10.5 million dollars needed to update the  roads as the State of Kentucky will not be able to provide funding for  this as this area is not on the list the state's top 10 projects.  As a  concerned life-long resident of Villa Hills, I am worried that our taxes  will be increased drastically to fund the $10.5 million dollars, and in  the future a potential expansion of River Ridge school to accommodate  the additional students.

The proposed tax revenue from the project, once  it is built out, is approximately $200,000  per year, but to fund the highway improvements alone at $10.5 million  dollars the interest alone would be approximately $500,000 a year which  would cause a shortfall of $300,000 a year in tax revenue, so ultimately taxes would have to be raised. 

I  also have a concern with the value of the residential property  surrounding the proposed development dropping drastically if an  apartment building, a 300 car parking lot, and a mixed-use village  center are built  There is no way to hide a 300 space parking lot no  matter how many trees are planted!  There will be an increase in  noise, light intrusion, increased traffic, a potential increase in  crime, and this will open the door to Pandora's Box for the potential to  land use changes to move further into the city. 

The  short-term project is not looking at the long-term effect on the city.   It is disheartening that the nuns would agree to the proposed  development knowing that an entire community, who have supported them  for many years, are upset about the proposed development that will  forever alter the character of Villa Hills.

Let's keep Villa Hills a special place to live.  No to apartments and commercial properties!" 

Resident from Squire Oaks

"I have been a resident of Villa Hills for 32 years. I respectfully, but strongly, oppose the proposed development by Ashley. I certainly understand Ashley's financial incentives, but the monetary interests of an outside developer should not be permitted to fundamentally and radically alter our city, and compromise safety in our community. While I know there are serious technical and legal problems with Ashley's proposal that will be addressed by land use experts and legal counsel, among the most basic concerns are these: - The significant increase in traffic on local roads would greatly increase congestion and create safety risks. It is my understanding that, but for one small change at the end of Collins, no improvements are planned to address these concerns. - A four story apartment building is totally inconsistent and out of character for our city. Extremely large apartment buildings are common in urban settings. No building of this scale is present in Villa Hills or nearby cities. A structure of this type is consistent with areas such as Covington or Newport, not an area like Villa Hills. It would be extremely surprising and disappointing for Villa Hills' council to approve Ashley's proposed development. Villa Hills council's most basic duty is to protect and preserve our city. It is inconceivable why council members would permit Ashley's desire to maximize profits to despoil our beautiful community. Approving this development would forever change the character of one of America's most livable cities." 

Resident from Doriel St.

"To keep Villa Hills a desirable place to live, it is important to have single family homeowners with a vested interest in the community."

Resident from Collins Rd.

"We have lived on Collins Rd. for 45 years, and raised our 4 children in this community. We still live here because of the wonderful family oriented community that it remains. Since then many families have chosen to make Villa Hills their home for the same reason that we moved here and remain here, the community that it is. The proposed development will destroy this community."

Resident from Tanglewood Ct.

"As someone who lives near Ameristop, we don’t need all the commercialization, apartments and additional traffic this plan would bring to our community. Are our elected officials not listening to us? More single family homes and some green space——like a park and bike paths—-would be welcomed on this side of town."

Non-Resident from Lakelyn Ct in Crescent Springs

"As a resident of Crescent Springs nestled near Villa Hills off Amsterdam, I am opposed to any apartment, condo or commercial sites. I am only in favor of single family homes on the site. My daughter attends Villa Madonna Academy and Ashley's proposal will harm our community."

Resident from Cecilia Dr.

"We implore you to maintain the values of the community that drew us here eleven years ago."

Resident from Macintosh Lane

"This apartment development complex is a terrible idea. Crescent Springs has already sold out for additional tax revenues and traffic congestion is already out of control. This small geographic area cannot take any more. I will have to consider moving out of the city if this is approved."

Resident from Cliffview Ct.

"I vote NO on this property development. It will completely change Villa Hills and is an open invitation to more crime, excess traffic, and higher property taxes. NO NO NO"

Non-Resident from Dudley Pike

"I am not a resident of Villa Hills, however I have lived on Dudley Pike for over 30 years. When my husband and I moved here from Campbell County it was a nice little town, more country than suburbia. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have moved here. Good luck with stopping urban sprawl." 

Resident from Brookville Ct.

"Stop this ridiculous addition to our beautiful community."

Former Resident Moving Back to Cecilia Dr.

"I currently live in Covington but in the next few months I will be moving back to my family home on Cecilia where we have lived since 1973. I’m one of many second generations on Cecilia moving back to our childhood homes. Why? Because we love Villa Hills and know what it has to offer. We’ve already seen our community lose unique and wonderful landmarks to development. Please don’t spoil the community feel by increasing traffic and throwing away green space with clutter and congestion. Sometimes progress is measured by the sustaining community, not by the increase in numbers. Don’t ruin what makes Villa Hills special."

Resident from Collins Rd.

"I have lived on Collins Rd for 20 plus years and have been a resident for 49 years. If I wanted to live in a community with retail shops and four  story buildings, I would have moved to Crescent Springs many years ago. Our city was founded as a single-family community and City Council should keep it as such. We voted for each on of YOU to represent our  voices and expect you to listen to our voices. Our city does not need  the additional tax revenue from commercial businesses and rental dwellings and certainly do not want to deal with the added vehicle traffic."

Resident from Deena Dr.

"We expressed our wishes at the meetings at River Ridge Elementary. Were city officials not listening to us? These plans are not acceptable!"

Non-Resident from Crestview

"I have three grandchildren who attend Villa Madonna Academy and regularly pick them up after school. This amount of development will bring excessive traffic to the area and potentially endanger Villa students. Apartments and commercial buildings will destroy the quiet nature of Villa Hills. Please do not approve this change!"

Resident from Collins Rd.

"This development should only be for residential homes. Why not include a park with a view like Devou or Ault Park, with a clubhouse that promotes Weddings. The traffic congestion is bad enough on road projects just maintaining our streets. This would create a nightmare for people living here trying to get around the traffic daily. It would also lower property values,something that Villa Hills has maintained."

Resident from Winesap Way

"Multi unit buildings to this extent are not in the best interest of Villa Hills....traffic and impact on city services will be a negative for the city..."

Resident from Arden Dr.

"I believe single homes would have the least impact on the city. I am against any new construction of apartments."

Resident from Armella Place

"No one in Villa Hills should be in favor of the increase in traffic that this project will generate.  Ashley should respect the city's interest and use the property to build residential homes.  Community relations should outweigh profits."

Resident from Wesley Dr.

"Let's keep the community at the size it is, The comfort, quiet, safety and ease of getting around is part of the allure of living there and what separates us from other towns in the county."

Resident from Carpenters Trace

"When the proposal initially was discussed and voted upon, it was  completely a different plan.  No four story apartment complex with a  parking lot the size of Remke’s was ever shared with the residents of  Villa Hills until December.   All  residents of Villa Hills, not just the adjacent areas to the proposed  “Sanctuary”, will be affected by the increased traffic.  The up to four  roundabouts that has been proposed will decrease the desirability of our  beloved city that has made it one of the  best places to live.  The residents of Villa Hills live their because  of the residential nature of the area, not because they want to reside  in an urban development like Covington or OTR."

Resident from Meadow Wood Dr.

"As a resident on Meadow Wood Drive, with in two apartment complexes  (which are technically Crescent Springs) I can attest how horrible the  apartment traffic and lack of respect for personal property, and loose  trash, loose running dogs and speeding traffic (even through stop  signs).  Transient people in apartments do not pay taxes for the upkeep  of roads and do not take ownership in maintaining property etc.  Meadow  Wood Drive should have been repaved years ago. If I had known Villa  Hills was going to open the back section of Meadow Wood Drive to  Erlanger I never would have moved here.  Even though these are single  family homes, due to the vast number of homes this should have been  rejected by city council and routed through Erlanger, not Villa Hills. Little by little Villa Hills is giving up the very thing that makes it a  desirable place to live, privacy and the protection of personal  property."

Resident from Carpenters Trace

"This will significantly increase the amount of traffic all along Amsterdam Rd. and Collins Rd. Also building a 4 story apartment building with a lit up parking lot will be an eyesore to the community. This will cause a lot of temporary residents to move in rather than long-term citizens that care about our city. Once a decision like this is made, builders will start bulldozing down older homes with large lots in order to build more apartments." 

Resident from Riverwatch Dr.

"As an advocate for overall development I would typically support expanding the commerce footprints of local communities. With that said, there are very specific reasons that residents of Villa Hills choose to reside in our community, one of which is single family housing with limited rental properties, especially multi family apartments. The argument for traffic (especially in close proximity to our elementary school) is extremely valid, having new transient residential population creates continuous churn and long term safety concerns and the core reasons for living in VH will be obstructed. If this residential building was designed for move up for sale condo style living and not apartment rentals, I may have a different view. Then the argument would turn to infrastructure and capital improvements instead of changing the landscape of the population and increasing risk." 

Resident from Whitewood Ct.

"Very much against proposal. Let us keep apartments out of Villa Hills and keep residential homes special."

Comment from Robin Lane

"Thank you for organizing this, I have lived in VH most of my life and love it for the quiet beautiful city it is. I am against the commercialization!"

Resident from Squire Oaks Dr.

"Single family homes, only. Even 'retail' or commercial buildings will ruin the peaceful setting that we all enjoy in our Villa Hills community."

Resident from Carpenters Trace

"I have been a resident of Villa Hills for over 18 years. My husband and I moved to the Carpenters Trace subdivision from the Cincinnati suburb of Kenwood. What attracted us to Villa Hills, and Carpenters Trace in particular, was that it was a peaceful, quiet, and very serene location, so very different from the overpopulated and congested area of Kenwood. We were drawn to the small town feel, and beautiful surroundings. This proposed development compromises everything that makes Villa Hills special and unique. Progress doesn’t have to be attained by such a destructive means. Tax revenue can be just as easily achieved in the building of single family homes, that blend in with the rest of the community. Villa Hills is not an apartment, transient community. We are a community of long time homeowner citizens. Please, let’s not fix something that isn’t broken." 

Resident from Surfside Dr.

"This will completely destroy Villa Hills as we know it and turn it into a community most of us don't want to be a part of. Moving out of the community will become a real possibility. The city needs to think about declining revenue from potential decreased property values. After the developer makes their money they will simply sell it to some one else and disappear leaving us with the remnants."

Resident from Arden Dr.

"The proposed development is a threat to the family-oriented Villa Hills community. From its birth to the present day, almost all residents have been property owners who have a vested interest in their neighbors welfare and property values. "Transient" residents will not share that perspective but they will significantly add to the cost of infrastructure. Existing roads will need to be widened at the expense and inconvenience of "true and permanent" residents. In all probability, such costs will be borne by the "true" residents and on-going upkeep will be a constant challenge---while the "transients" come and go on whatever whim they encounter. This is clearly NOT what we want. Let Ashley contaminate other neighborhoods in pursuit of the almighty dollar. We want to preserve the good thing we enjoy here every day."

Resident from Kenridge St.

"Attended several meetings last year. Nobody was in favor of a 4 story apartment building with that many units!"

Resident from Sierra Dr.

"Mixed use development with actual houses can work in places such as Norton Commons in Louisville, but jamming apartments into Villa Hills in a 4 story complex is unacceptable."