Defend Villa Hills PAC is registered as a “permanent committee” with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (KREF).

Our mission is to help elect candidates who will protect the rights of residents while preserving the historical character of our great city.

Defend Villa Hills PAC supports candidates who promote the historical character of Villa Hills and believe due process rights of the citizens must be respected in all future zoning and development matters.

Defend Villa Hills PAC was formed to support candidates who share our views opposing commercial development in Villa Hills and opposing using large sums of city funds to upgrade state roads.

Funds raised by the PAC will be used to support the election of Mayoral candidate Heather Jansen and Council candidates Cathy Stover, Suzanne Wadsworth, Seth Thompson and Rod Baehner in a manner to be determined based upon amounts received.

Defend Villa Hills PAC is a separate entity from Defend Villa Hills. It is supported solely from voluntary contributions to Defend Villa Hills PAC.