Your Elected City Council Members Make the Final Decision

Regardless of what you heard, what has already been planned, whatever zoning changes take place or what has already been promised, at the end of the day, City Council can say NO to the proposed development to prevent apartments from being built in Villa Hills.

The Villa Hills City Council Members were elected by you, to serve you, and to represent you and the city's best interest. 

Contact them directly and let them know why you don't want apartments in this or any future development proposed within Villa Hill city limits. Below is their contact information. Click on their name to send them an e-mail or pick up the phone and call them directly. 

George Bruns – Chair of the Safety Committee
(859) 578-4120

Gregory W. Kilburn – Chair of the Public Works Committee
(859) 578-4121

Mary Koenig – Chair of the Events and Beautification Committee
(859) 578-4122

Scott Ringo – Chair of the Recreation Committee
(859) 578-4123

Jennifer Vaden – Chair of the Administration Committee
(859) 578-4124

Gary Waugaman – Chair of the Finance Committee
(859) 578-4125